Strange World Of Your Dreams #3 [1952]


This short lived series from the early 1950s featured two Kirby stories in this issue. The first is “The Woman in the Tower”, which has been reprinted in DC’s BLACK MAGIC #9 and Pure Imagination’s JACK KIRBY READER v1.

Later in the book is a two page dramatization of a dream sent in by reader “Thomas R”, who has visions of coming to a tower with ladders going up the side, and climbing up as the rungs keep breaking beneath him. Apparently this has something to do with his lack of confidence despite his success.

But the Kirby highlight of this issue is probably the cover. Great images of a horned lion, eye-stalked plants and other weird beasts.

Strange World Of Your Dreams #3 [1952]

There is a story inside based on this cover, not by Kirby. Oddly, it does have the same images, though a bit less dramatic, but the script doesn’t mention them (ie, the art shows a horned lion, but the script doesn’t mention the horns. The art shows eyes on the plants, but the script just mentions that there are plants. Kind of makes you wonder if the art was spruced up, maybe to match the cover, after the story was finished?

Published 1952

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