Black Magic #9 [1975] – The Woman in the Tower


In the 1970s, Joe Simon re-packaged some of the stories done by the Simon&Kirby shop in the 1950s for nine issues of BLACK MAGIC at DC. There was one or more S&K story in every issue, as well as work by Mort Meskin, Bill Draut and others.

#9 featured a reprint from STANGE WORLDS OF YOUR DREAMS #3 (1952), “The Woman in the Tower”. It’s a visual interpretation of what’s allegedly a dream sent in by a reader, involving being trapped in a tower with screaming voices from the other cells and a cloaked figure, followed by an interpretation that this is actually a good dream. Weird. The purpose of course is to showcase the heavy atmospheric horror art that S&K did so well, with dark inks, claustrophobic layouts and the darkly evil looking figure in the robe.


Published May, 1975

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