Fantastic Four #76 [1968] – Stranded in Sub-Atomica


As Galactus readies the Earth for his latest meal, the boys of the FF head into Sub-Atomica, home of the Psycho-Man, to convince the Silver Surfer to return. Not knowing their reasons, the Surfer is reluctant since he’s grooving to the cosmic waves of the microscopic universe, and then the FF get attacked by a minion of the Psycho-Man. Eventually the Surfer realizes what’s going on up on Earth and returns to meet his destiny, while the FF stay behind to deal with the Psycho-Man.


There’s some great stuff in this issue, especially the weird molecular model backdrops that make up Sub-Atomica. And of course Galactus is always cool. I was bugged by the token scene of Sue, pregnant and being kept in the dark by Crystal about the whole Galactus attack and mission. It’s always kind of frustrating in the whole run of the series how Sue goes back and forth from being an equal member of the team to being an outdated stereotype.

Joe Sinnott inks the cover and 20-page story.

Published 1968

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