Kid Colt Outlaw #103 [1962] – Cover


Typical day on the range for Kid Colt…


That horse must get so sick of this after a while. Catch train, get shot at, have the Kid jump off at full gallop…

A nice little Kirby/Ayers cover.

Published 1962

2 thoughts on “Kid Colt Outlaw #103 [1962] – Cover

  1. Ed Gauthier

    It wasn’t published in 1962 – it was published, copyrighted and on the stands in late 1961. It was only cover dated for March of the following year, which is entirely different.

    I just bought that issue yesterday in near mint condition for less than 10 bucks. Full of classic Keller art, and the bonus of a kickin’ king Kirby cover. How could I pass that up? No way!

  2. Bud

    I bought these back in the early 60’s when a Boys life was full of excitement and adventure ….Seeing Kid Colt brings back good memorys of those “Happy Days”.


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