Not Brand Echh #6 [1968] – The Human Scorch Has to Meet the Family


One of Kirby’s contributions to the Marvel self-parody comic, this 8-page story is inked by Tom Sutton, over what I’m guessing are relatively loose Kirby pencils for the period. I tend to prefer Kirby’s stories in NBE when they’re inked by Frank Giacoia, since those tend to look more like Marvel comics of the era, making the parody that much richer.

In this story, the Scorch marries his long-time love Gristle and takes her home where they encounter her Unhuman familly, and insanity ensues.


Eventually the Scorch taunts Sandyman to attack, hoping to drive off the in-laws. Hey, makes as much sense as anything else in here.

The NBE school of humour does tend to be a bit much for me at times, but by virtue of sheer volume there is some worthwhile stuff in here. Frighten (Triton) punching the Scorch out of the tub is pretty good, and of course as a Lockjaw fan you have to like the even more goofy Loosejaw.

Published 1968

2 thoughts on “Not Brand Echh #6 [1968] – The Human Scorch Has to Meet the Family

  1. RAB

    That tongue joke is so many different kinds of wonderful.

    Has anyone ever done an overview of Jack Kirby as animal lover? Lockjaw (and his parody version here as well) was the most real dog I’ve ever seen in comics. All Kirby’s dogs, cats, and horses convey something true about those animals, something that comes from observation rather than cliche…and that’s not even counting the obvious fun he had doing Kamandi. Maybe this has already been covered as a theme issue of JKC? If not, it should be!

  2. nick caputo

    Funny you should mention that. I’ve been thinking on submitting an article on Kirby and dogs and jotted down that idea for an article I was thinking of submitting to JKC.

    I agree with you that Kirby had a very good sense of what gives pets distinctive personalities. There is one cover in particular from a late 1950s romance issue that I bought because the dog was so endearing and made the cover scene! Also, a number of fantasy stories from the Pre-Hero Marvel era have dogs that are just fun to look at. Kirby was so perceptive and talented on so many levels.


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