The Forever People #1 [1971] – In Search of a Dream


This book was the first Kirby wrote and drew on his 1970 return to DC, although it wasn’t published until after a few JIMMY OLSEN issues. The four boys of the Forever People arrive on Earth through a Boom Tube in their Super-Cycle in search of the kidnapped Beautiful Dreamer, almost running some of Jimmy Olsen’s friends off the road in the process. Serifan makes contact with Dreamer as Intergang keeps an eye on the group under the directions of Darkseid.


Superman finds out about the kids and their point of origin, Supertown, just as he’s feeling introspective about Superman’s place in the world and how humanity relates to him. Finding them, he gets involved in a battle with Darkseid’s Gravi-Guards, which prompts the boys to summon the Infinity Man. After the battle Darkseid shows up in person, releasing Dreamer since she’s proves not to hold the key to the Anti-Life Equation, but leaving a bomb as a parting gift. Superman then asks the kids about Supertown, though they urge him to stay and help in the battle against Darkseid. Superman starts to go down the Boom Tube to find out about Supertown to see if that’s a place where he’d fit in, but turns back at the last minute, feeling he’s turning his back on the threat to Earth.

Lots of interesting things in here, but kind of an odd launch to the line. You don’t find out too much about the main characters (Beautiful Dreamer doesn’t even have any dialogue), but there are a lot of intriguing hints. The Superman stuff is also odd, kind of putting focus on the differences between Marvel and DC ways of doing things in that era (magnified by what was done to the art).

Vince Colletta inks the 24-page story, with Al Plastino paste-ups on the Superman and Jimmy Olsen figures, and Frank Giacoia inks the cover. This issue also includes the “Visit With Jack Kirby” page by Marv Wolfman that ran across the Fourth World debut issues, mentioning how Wolfman and Len Wein had seen versions of some of the concepts just now showing up four years earlier.

Published 1971

3 thoughts on “The Forever People #1 [1971] – In Search of a Dream

  1. dave

    Wow – I’d always wondered who inked that cover! If only “Frankie Ray” could have continued on the interior.

    Personally, I liked the take on “Superman” Kirby provided – the “Stranger in the Strange Land” angle. It was definitely the “Marvel” version, interestingly enough written by the man who wasn’t Stan Lee.

  2. Mike Moran

    I really really wish they would have let Steve Rude fix all of the Al Plastino paste ups back to the Kirby style Supes.

    Oh well I am still excited to get the Fourth World HC’s coming out soon.

  3. Mike Binn

    Forever People was a Jack Kirby & Vince Colletta masterpiece. Vinnie’s inks made Jack’s figures look much more real than other inkers did and the faces were more flattering. I wish that Colletta had done the covers also.


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