The Invaders #9 [1976] – Cover


Another of Kirby’s many covers for INVADERS here. A couple of new retro-characters take centerstage on this cover, but Union Jack is a pretty good character for Kirby to be drawing. As usual for the era a bit heavy on copy on the cover (do we need both the villain and a blurb telling us that we hold a landmark book with the end of an Invader? Boy, I wonder if it’ll be Captain America?).


Inking is credited to Frank Giacoia in the Kirby Checklist, but I’m not sure about that one. Parts of Captain Britain Union Jack look like that might be right, but the background characters definitely don’t.

Published 1976

2 thoughts on “The Invaders #9 [1976] – Cover

  1. johnny

    I’m sure you meant “Union Jack” in that second paragraph 🙂 – was John V. still alive at this time? Looks like he had a hand in inking this.


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