The Avengers #11 [1964] – Cover


Rather odd effect from the webbing on this cover. I’m not sure it quite works, making it look more like a long tunnel than a web. Other than that very effective, with a good but slightly-wrong Kirby version of Spider-Man (with the mask a little off). I also really like Chic Stone’s inking on this one. Sometimes that excessively chunky outline style doesn’t quite work, but on this one it does make Spider-Man kind of pop out.


Published 1964

2 thoughts on “The Avengers #11 [1964] – Cover

  1. Nick Caputo

    I’ve always suspected that Ditko was involved in reworking this cover in places. The Giant-Man figure is different that shown in other unaltered stats of the cover that have been published. Spider-Man also looks a little too Ditko-ish for Kirby, although there are some errors in the costume. My guess is that Ditko did a rough pencils on the Spidey figure that was completed by Chic Stone.

    Nick Caputo


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