Comics Revue #189 [2001]



Two pages of the final Sunday storyline for Sky Masters on the covers of this issue, from January 31 and February 7, 1960. It should be noted that the January 31 strip (shown here) was for some reason missing from the COMPLETE SKY MASTERS book, so I think this is the only place it’s ever been reprinted. Also note that as the COMPLETE book shows much of the art on the February 7 strip was made of images taken from earlier strips, and I’m not sure if that’s the case with the January 31 strip. Quite a few of those are generic enough headshots that they could be, while the meteor scenes at least are probably original.

In any case, in these two weeks the situation goes from bad to worse for our astronauts, as their stranded capsule with only hours of air and no plan for rescue finds itself in the path of a meteor. They abandon ship and are left floating in space, with a slim hope that a ship returning from the moon can intercept them, and Sky trying to teach Falcone the yoga lessons he learned to keep them alive long enough.


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