Black Panther #2 [1977] – The Six-Million Year Man


Kirby continues his series-opening adventure of T’Challa, now fighting against a strange being from millions of years in the future. After he subdues the creature he realizes that he must find the tomb of King Solomon and the second brass frog that completes the time-travel device that will allow them to send the creature from “Hatch 22” back to his time (which they get a glimpse of thanks to his powerful mental powers).


Good goofy fun, as are most issues of the series. The look at the far future is the usual bit of bold Kirby creation, and Abner Little is a pretty funny sidekick to the Panther in this storyline.

Mike Royer inks the 17-page story and Frank Giacoia inks the cover.

Published 1977

One thought on “Black Panther #2 [1977] – The Six-Million Year Man

  1. Bill Meisel

    This was one of my favorite comics as a kid. (For some reason, I didn’t find issue 1, so this was the issue I started with.)


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