Monster Menace #4 [1994]


Two Kirby/Ayers reprints in the final issue of this mini-series, both 7-pagers, both from 1961.

From STRANGE TALES #90 is “Orrgo, the Unconquerable”. Orrgo is a creature from one of those warlike alien races who decide that Earth is only worth conquering if just one of their number can conquer humanity. He lands in the middle of a circus and makes short work of all of Earth’s defences with his mental powers, melting tanks, turning airplanes into birds and bombs into eggs, freezing Washington and causing New York to float in the air. He then hypnotizes humanity so he can rest before summoning his peaple. Fortunately for humanity, Jo-jo, a gorilla from the circus, angry at not being fed due to all the fuss Orrgo caused, kills he sleeping alien. As a reward for saving the planet, Jo-jo gets extra bananas. Some gratitude. Some very nice images, like the planes turning to birds and Orrgo’s general goofiness.

And courtesy JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #64 comes “I Dared to Battle Rorgg, King of the Spider Men”.


Down in New Mexico, young Tim’s parents are critical of his fascination with sci-fi comics. Normally I’d take Tim’s side in this, but he’s also ignoring the extremely attractive Ann to finish his comics. Anyway, Tim and Ann are at the site where the first webs of a vast alien spider invasion touches down, led by Rorgg. Fortunately, Tim’s expanded imagination manages to reason that a powerful dose of DDT will kill Rorgg and drive off his army. After that everyone was much more accepting of Tim’s comic reading. Unfortunately, the DDT killed them all off soon after… No, just kidding. Another light but fun story, not one of the great ones, but with some spiffy aliens.

Published 1994

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