The Mighty Marvel Western #44 [1976]


Marvel’s western comics lasted well into the 1970s, primarily as reprint vehicles, so a fair percentage of Kirby’s work on them from the early Silver Age got reprinted. This issue reprints one of the Kirby/Ayers stories from RAWHIDE KID #28, “Doom in the Desert”.

The Mighty Marvel Western #44 [1976]

Here we see the Kid’s typical gallantry bordering on stupidity, as he finds himself trapped in the desert and gives the last of his water to his faithful steed Nightwind. Following this he finds himself robbed and left to die by a thief, rescued by said thief’s sister and conflicted about his desire for revenge and his reluctance to cause pain to the gal who saved his life.

This issue also has reprints of Werner Roth and Joe Maneely western stories, and a great cover by Gil Kane loosely inspired by a scene in the Kirby story, reportedly one of Kane’s favourites among his covers.

Published 1976

One thought on “The Mighty Marvel Western #44 [1976]

  1. Anonymous

    That IS one of Kane’s favorites. I met him at a convention some years ago and gave him this cover to sign. He was pleased to see it and told me it was one of his favorites.

    Nick Caputo


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