Justice, Inc. #2 [1975] – The Skywalker


The first of three issues of the series Kirby drew late in his DC contract, written by Denny O’Neil. Among the few non-Kirby scripts Kirby drew in the 1970s, this series was probably the best, with some goofy pulp adventure. JUSTICE INC had the adventures of Richard Benson, aka The Avenger (title not used for the book for obvious reasons).

In this issue, Benson and his faithful aide Smitty come across a train which crashed when the tracks in front of it vanished. After dispatching some looters, they investigate further, though it doesn’t seem to quite be explained how their investigation takes them to the home of an inventor, Robert Gant, just as he’s being killed.


Gant’s papers lead them to businessman Abel Darcy, whe turns out to be behind the whole thing, having taken Gant’s inventions, a sound ray that makes steel fall apart and a process to make metal invisible, and the best way he can think of to make money with those is to destroy some buildings and then extort money from the city.

Yeah, the plot has a few holes, but it moves fast, leaves a lot of room for action and has some clever scripting.

Mike Royer inks the cover and the 18-page story.

Published 1975

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