The Eternals #6 [1976] – Gods and Men at City College


More cosmic battle fun, as Thena confronts Kro and his forces attacking the city (and we find out that Thena had met Kro long ago, and Deviants aren’t usually so long lived).


They arrange a truce, which leads to the release of Sersi and Margo and Ikaris (though Sersi didn’t seem to be having much trouble with her captors) and Kro and the various Eternals go to see an anthropologist friend of Margo and explain the secrets of the role of Eternals and Deviants in human history and how sightings of them in the past had led to various human legends. They make a presentation announcing all of this before a group of college students, some of whom are skeptical, though Sersi demonstrating her powers by turning one of them into a dead-ringer for the Thing (with the dialogue vague about if he’s real or a comic character) dispels some of the doubts.

Meanwhile, some agents of SHIELD vanish while investigating the strange goings-on around the Fourth Hose in the Andes.

Not really my favourite issue of the series, as it seemed a bit of an odd resolution for a lot of the plots up to this point. It all seemed to be leading to a big confrontation, and what we get here doesn’t really fit. There were a few nice moment of humour in the script, though.

Mike Royer inks the 17-page story and Frank Giacoia inks the cover.
Published 1976

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