Marvel Premiere #35 [1977] – Cover


MARVEL PREMIERE #35 – April 1977, inked by John Verpoorten (with background panels from the interior art by Jim Craig and Dave Hunt). Not a bad character to go with Kirby’s style, though a bit bland, and the back-story and premise presented in this issue is truly mind-numbing stuff. And I’m not sure why you’d do a 3-D Man comic that, y’know, isn’t in 3-D.


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  1. kirkm5computer001abc

    I remember this Kirby cover. However I do know he didn’t do the interior art. It makes me wonder how those issues might have turned out had he got the chance to do the FF or Hulk in the 70’s. I do remember the Eternals more fondly than New Gods because I purchased the entire series back in the mid 70’s when he returned to Captain America in 76.

    The issues of Captain America had a special place in my heart because it was the first time I really appreciated what I call Kirby’s world building. I knew that Kirby did not draw in the more “realistic” style like Adams or even John Buscema. Yet I always kept coming back to examine Kirby’s work because it had a style like I had never seen before.

    Kirby’s Eternals were more hardware driven but I wish it had the popularity that New Gods seems to have today. With all the original prose novels that are being released today with Wolverine and the JLA; why isn’t anyone writing any New Gods or Eternals novels?

    On to the subject of the cover…

    I have to say that the 3D Man did not take off as a character because wasn’t he one of those retro characters from the 50’s who never had a fan base to begin with?


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