Upcoming Kirby – Marvel Romance contents


Over on the Marvel Masterworks Message Board a Marvel editor has posted the contents of the upcoming MARVEL ROMANCE collection. A little bit less Kirby than I was hoping for (since they only include a Colan story from LOVE ROMANCES #101, none of the three Kirby stories), but still five stories, four never reprinted, one not in over 30 years, so that’s okay, as is the healthy amount of Colan and Buscema work. And apparently some of this art is taken from some recently discovered original art, so it should look sharp.

“The Summer Must End!”
From Teen-Age Romance #84 (November 1961)

“By Love Betrayed!”
“Give Back My Heart!”
From Love Romances #102 (November 1962)

“The Dream World of Doris Wilson!”
“If Your Heart I Break—”
From Love Romances #103 (January 1963)

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