Machine Man #6 [1978] – Quick Trick


This issue concludes the battle with alien robot invader Ten-For, as Machine Man is convinced to fight for Earth by a cab driver, Barney Bates, thanks to some words of wisdom about pie. I’m sure Kirby meant something more profound by it, but I can never read that scene (“I’m not tellin’ you your business, Machine Man, but if you save the pie, you’ve got the thanks of Barney Bates”) and not think I’m reading the world’s longest Hostess ad. A lot of the dialogue in this issue is pretty strange, actually. “I never dance at funerals — especially when the corpse is still warm”, “I’ve a right to singe their ears with napalm”

Machine Man #6 [1978]

Mike Royer inks the 17-page story. Kirby’s cover for the issue wasn’t used, it appears in KIRBY COLLECTOR #15, and Walt Simonson does a good job on the published cover, I think the only non-Kirby cover to appear on one of Kirby’s new 1970s Marvel comics.

Published 1978

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