The Sandman #6 [1976] – The Plot To Destroy Washington D.C.


This is the final issue of the 1970s SANDMAN series (with one unused story seeing print later). It’s noteworthy for providing the final chance for Wallace Wood to ink Kirby’s pencils in the 18-page story, which otherwise makes as little sense as most Sandman stories. Doctor Spider manages to capture the Sandman and Glob, and plans to use the Sandman’s magic whistle to force President Ford to turn power over to him.

The Sandman #6 [1976]

Unfortunately for him, no one takes Doctor Spider threatening the President with the Sandman’s magic whistle very seriously (which is a pretty funny scene, I’ll grant you), and Brute and Jed are able to mount an attack and rescue the prisoners.

Wood’s inks on Kirby are always interesting. He’s not quite as heavy with his own style as he was on some of their 1950s work together, but still a lot more than the usual Kirby inkers of the mid-1970s. While I prefer the style of Royer in general, it was nice to get one example of this kind of inking from the period.

Published 1976

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