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Another trio of covers from through the years

STAR SPANGLED COMICS #49, 1945. More of the S&K DC books done during the time Kirby was in the army, so others were doing the interior Newsboy Legion stories. This one is a bit loose, but captures the fun nature of the feature.

JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #96, 1963. During the first year of Thor, there were a number of issues where other artists did the feature, before Kirby permanently took over the feature with #101. Of course, he still did all the covers, including this one inked by Dick Ayers, with a nice trademark Kirby shocked crowd scene.

INVADERS, THE #15, 1977. Inked by Joe Sinnott. Kirby did a lot of covers for this WWII set super-hero book, which frequently featured new “retro” characters as well as real Golden Age characters. I doubt Kirby had a hand in designing them, but they were well done and he handled them very nicely.

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