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Yet more covers. I’ll get to another book with an actual Kirby story soon.

SGT. FURY #8, 1964, inked by Dick Ayers, who also took over the art on the title this issue. The newest Howler menioned on the cover is Percival ‘Pinky’ Pinkerton, of course. Also introducing Zemo, who debuts in AVENGERS the same month.

CHARLIE CHAN #4, 1948. One of several Charlie Chan covers done by Simon&Kirby for Prize/Crestwood (with apparently only come minor Kirby work on the interiors of some issues, a few splash pages and panels). This one has some especially nice work, with lots of trademark Kirby touches, on the statue in the foreground.

WHAT IF #9, 1978, Joe Sinnott inks. Boy, would that have been an exciting Avengers line-up. Gorilla-Man and the Human Robot. Seriously, were they even trying?

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  1. Anonymous


    I believe the cover to Sgt.Fury # 8 is inked by Sol Brodsky, not Ayers.

    Very nice Charlie Chan cover!

    Nick Caputo


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