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Amazon is now listing a second MARVEL VISIONARIES: JACK KIRBY volume coming out in April of 2006. Contents are:

Captain America Comics #1; Marvel Mystery Comics #23; Yellow Claw #4; Strange Tales #89, 114; Two-Gun Kid #60; Love Romances #103; X-Men #9; Tales of Suspense #59; Sgt. Fury #13; Fantastic Four #57-60; Not Brand Echh #1; Thor #154-157; Devil Dinosaur #1.

Lots of choices from CAP #1. I’m guessing the Red Skull story. MMC #23 is a Vision story I don’t think has been reprinted before. Neither has that YELLOW CLAW issue (hopefully they’ll have the full book, not just one story, although running the page counts quickly they’re not going to manage all the Kirby content of all of these issues). STRANGE TALES #89 is the oft-reprinted “Fin Fang Foom”, but it deserves it. #114 is the Torch against the fake Captain America, which hasn’t been printed in colour in a long while. TWO-GUN KID #60 is the first issue of the new version of the Kid, hopefully they’ll have both stories. LOVE ROMANCES #103 had two Kirby shorts, hopefully both will be in here. I’ve heard good things about “The Dream World of Doris Wilson”. X-MEN #9 is the Avengers guest bit, so gets a sampling of both teams into the book. ToS #59 is the first of the Cap solo run, not really the best choice from that run. FURY #13 is of course the Captain America guest issue. That run of FF is the great Doom/Surfer storyline, which is fittingly enough parodied in NOT BRAND ECHH #1 (“I own one hundred pairs of stretch socks”), and that run of THOR is the Mangog story, also great stuff. DEVIL DINOSAUR #1, excellent.

So mostly really good choices. As usual I’d have liked a bit less super-hero, more other genre, but I can’t complain about most of what was picked. Good sampling of inkers, with some Sinnott, Royer, Ayers, Giacoia, Stone, Severin, Simon. I’d gladly lose the Cap story from ToS for a pair of early Tales of Asgard shorts, especially since Cap is already in a golden age story, the Torch story, the X-Men story and the Fury story, and Ayers inking is well represented even without it. And much as I love him, I’d gladly drop Devil D. for some more 1950s stuff. Except that the 1970s should be represented somewhere, and Devil is the least likely to ever have a dedicated volume (Cap and the Panther already do, the Eternals will soon, 2001 is probably off-limits and Machine Man is much more likely than Devil). Tough call. Maybe trade Devil for two 1950s shorts (lots of good 5-pagers there) and a 1970s cover gallery, including one DD cover? Tough call with those FF and Thor epics eating up half the page count. If it were up to me I’d replace them with shorter bits (maybe a single issue and two-issue bit each, from different points in the run. Or keep the FF and replace the Thor epic with two single issues, one from the Stone inked run, one from the Everett inked run), reclaiming about 40 pages for some more short stories. Oh well, that’s what volumes 3 to 10 will be for…

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  1. Anonymous

    I enjoyed the Kirby Visionaries vol. 1 a lot, even though I could have done without the Not Brand Ecch story showing members of the Marvel bullpen as the FF. Visionaries vol. 2, the selection looks great, including Devil Dinosaur. That book doesn’t get enough credit for being a fine kid’s comic, even though at age 54 I’m no longer a kid.

    Allen Smith


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