Marvel Double Feature #17 [1976]


A reprint from TALES OF SUSPENSE #93 (1967), showcasing some of the great Kirby/Sinnott artwork of the era. Beautiful splash page of Cap swimming with a SHIELD-issue long distance mini-cruiser, the type of beautiful mechanical devices Kirby would casually throw in his work. Anyway, Cap goes off to rescue the still-nameless female SHIELD agent (oh, let’s just call her Sharon) from AIM, who have been reborn under the leadership of the mysterious MODOK.

Marvel Double Feature #17 [1976]

Much action ensues, leading to Cap being captured and Sharon being taken before MODOK.

As usual, love the AIM losers, and the various gadgets, all of which really some alive under Sinnott’s brush.

Various bits of action are cut to make the original 10-page story fit in 9 pages (that page in the scan was actually bits of two pages in the original). The cover is a bit of an oddity, as it’s based on the cover for what was originally the next issue, ToS #94. Same layout, but clearly redrawn with some major changes (most notably removing MODOK from the background). The updated Kirby checklist lists the cover as a Kirby/Giacoia piece, but I don’t know about that. I doubt Kirby had anything to do with the re-drawing, and the inking doesn’t seem much like the other Giacoia of the era (including some other MDF covers not traced from older versions).

Published 1976

2 thoughts on “Marvel Double Feature #17 [1976]

  1. Anonymous


    It appears as though the cover was copied closely from the original, by someone. The Cap figure may be the work of Ron Wilson, with perhaps some Romita touch ups, and the inking might possibly be Giacoia, but I don’t believe this is a “new” Kirby cover.

    Nick Caputo


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