Marvel Spectacular #5 [1974]


“The People-Breeders” is reprinted from THOR #134 (1966), leading off with the wrap-up of the Ego/Rigel storyline, as Thor has fulfilled his mission and sends Tana Nile packing (and narrowly missing a meeting with Galactus, making a pulse-pounding cameo a few months after his first story in FF). Thor then goes to find Jane Foster, which leads him to the High Evolutionary and his New-Men.

Marvel Spectacular #5 [1974]

Lots of neat stuff in here. The New-Men obviously kind of remind you of the later creatures of Kamandi’s world, and frequent other uses of accelerated evolution in Kirby’s work.

One page is edited out of here, mostly the page with Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, between stories in AVENGERS, so it’s a 15-page story here.

Meanwhile, from JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #120 (1965) comes “Set Sail”, the departure of the heroes of Asgard on their grand quest in the 5-page “Tales of Asgard” story. As usual, lots of grandeur in the form of Odin’s send-off and intrigue in the form of Loki’s plots (foiled by Hogun), with some comic relief provided by Volstagg (including a cameo by the rarely seen but often mentioned bride of Volstagg).

Colletta inks throughout, including the cover reprint from THOR #134.

Published 1974

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