The Eternals #12 [1977]


Big time cosmic goings-on up in Olympia, home of the Eternals, as Thena returns with the Deviants Karkas and the Reject. The Reject attracts the attention of some of the female Eternals, but that’s interrupted when Zuras summons his people for the Uni-Mind ritual.

The Eternals #12 [1977]

After a brief catch-up with Ajax in the Andes, we return to Olympia and the Eternals joining to form the Uni-Mind, a massive group-mind, to study the return of the Celestials to Earth. Very weird, in a trippy cosmic way, not something that makes a lot of sense, but certainly pretty to look at and think about.

Mike Royer inked the cover and 17-page story.

Published 1977

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