Super Powers #4 [1984] – Earth’s Last Stand


As usual, Jack Kirby does the cover for this issue, inked by Greg Theakston. Nice overall, but a bit of weird anatomy around Superman’s legs.

Super Powers #4 [1984]

Kirby also plots the issue, which has an attack on Brainiac’s ship, finally bringing the heroes to Apokolips and face to face with Darkseid, who has been using the time the heroes have been distracted by the villains to prepare an invasion of Earth, setting up the Kirby written and drawn final issue.

Published 1984

One thought on “Super Powers #4 [1984] – Earth’s Last Stand


    When I was a kid, I didn’t even know who Jack Kirby was. But I bought this issue, and while I don’t remember the content of it at all, I do remember thinking it had one of the best covers I owned even though monster Superman was drawn “weird.”

    It is so cool to have this brought to my attention. Thanks.


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