The Sandman #1 [1974] – The Sandman


There’s probably the unrealized germ of a good idea in the 1970s revival of Sandman, which re-united Joe Simon and Jack Kirby for a one-shot issue, with Mike Royer along inking. Unfortunately, not a lot of it comes out in the final story, which is a hodge-podge of ideas thrown out without any real logic. Or maybe with a kind of dream logic, which might fit the character but doesn’t always make for good reading. Anyway, it has something to do with a group of left-over Axis soldiers from WWII, one of them a Japanese general named “General Electric” who has had his brain replaced by a computer, planning to blow up Washington with some robot dolls called Werblinks, and then being foiled by a red-and-yellow dressed master of dreams who has a whistle which summons Brute and Glob… Well, you get the idea.

The Sandman #1 [1974]

I don’t know if the story originated with Simon, who’s credited with the script, or Kirby, whose credit reads “edited and drawn by”. I’m tending to think it was more Simon, since it seems more like his DC work of the era than Kirby’s other books.

The art did work a lot better than the story. The Sandman design is kind of plain, but workable. The other odd creatures are great, even “General Electric”.

I’m still quite amazed that this one-shot did well enough to spawn an on-going book (with Kirby just on covers for the first few issues, then on pencils for a few after that).

Published Winter 1974

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  1. Anonymous

    yeh, me too – despite a great Sandman #1 Kirby cover. I heard Infantino begged Kirby to work with Simon on Sandman on a regular basis, cause it was such a big seller, with so much potential, but Kirby wouldn’t.


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