OMAC #5 [1975] – New Bodies for Old


An undercover Global Peace Agency investigator reveals the fruits of his investigation to OMAC, a criminal organization that has stolen a machine that can switch minds, and plans to sell the technology to rich old people who want young bodies. Of course, that’s as far as the GPA can go, since they can’t use violence. But they can ask OMAC to use violence all they want, apparently. OMAC and the GPA agent get attacked, giving us the excuse for the Brother Eye wizardry of the issue, protecting them and faking the scene so it looks like they were killed.

OMAC #5 [1975]

OMAC then traces the criminal organization, bringing in the GPA to mop up after he’s done.

I’m finding I like these OMAC stories more every time I read them. While a fairly minor Kirby creation in the grand scheme, there’s a lot of energetic fun and clever ideas in every issue.

Inks by D. Bruce Berry on the cover and 20-page story.

Published 1974

One thought on “OMAC #5 [1975] – New Bodies for Old

  1. dave

    I really liked OMAC when it came out, though my enjoyment was immediately tempered by Berry’s inks. Looking at it now, it’s really incredible how many of these throwaway ideas of Kirby’s have not only come to life, but have become multi-million dollar industries!


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