Tales to Astonish #43 [1963] – Cover


A dramatic Kirby/Brodsky cover for the Ant-Man series. I love the occasional panel-breakdown cover like this, with some great poses drawing you into the story. And the matches to give a sense of scale are a nice touch.


Published 1963

One thought on “Tales to Astonish #43 [1963] – Cover

  1. kirkm5computer001abc

    I was hoping that Marvel would produce a DVD of Kirby’s best. I do remember this sequence from the Ant Man comics. Who was first, Ant Man or DC’s Atom? It always seemed like DC had another character which was similar.

    How about Man Thing or Swamp Thing? Which came first?

    Ant Man was very under rated and became part of the Avengers line up. He was no block buster character though. I am very surprised with CGI an graphic imaging being done so well in comics today he isn’t part of some book reviving the character.


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