X-men – The Early Years #11 [1995]


A reprint of “The Triumph of Magneto” from the 1965 published X-MEN #11, this story has the X-Men responding to Professor Xavier’s detection of a potentially powerful new mutant, who turns out to be the alien Stranger.

X-men - The Early Years #11 [1995]

Of course Magneto also has an interest in powerful mutants, and he gets to the Stranger first. After various battles, we end up with Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch renouncing their allegiance to Magneto (setting up their membership in the Avengers) and the Stranger takes off with Magneto and Toad as samples of mutants to study, never to return (well, never or six months).

Bit of an anti-climactic conclusion to Kirby’s last full-pencil issue of X-MEN, but a lot of nice scenes in here. Chic Stone inks the 20-page story and the interior reprint of the original cover.

Published 1995

2 thoughts on “X-men – The Early Years #11 [1995]

  1. kirkm5computer001abc

    I remember this cover from my early Marvel Masterworks editions. What I can’t wait for is Marvel is releasing an X-Men comics DVD of the first 480 issues! I know it doesn’t include all the crossovers and such, and I think it should.

    Why doesn’t Marvel put the Essencils in DVD format? For those of you who don’t search the web for comics on DVD, Marvel just release a FF DVD of the first 550 issues and one of Spidey’s first 500 on 11 CD Roms!

    On the subject of X-Men I can only speculate as to what direction they might have taken if Kirby drew the first 100 issues as he did on the FF. How come there were never more crossovers? They sold books and with the Kirby art Stan could have sold hundreds of thousands more with Kirby as the artist.

    Chic Stone was one of the better Kirby inkers. He was no Joe Sinnott or Greg Theakson, but he added a good quality to Kirby’s pencils.

    I have to wonder why the concept of putting comics DVD or CD Rom hasn’t been a lot sooner in coming?
    I don’t notice any of these old X-Men pages in the original pencils section of each new Kirby Collector. I have to wonder do one of the fans own them or is Marvel keeping them. Worse yet have they been shredded by the notorious executives that didn’t want the artists to get a resale value on returned artwork? I don’t believe we’ll ever get the answer to that one.

    More on the X-Men..I only wish that the reboots and comic done today did more with the original X-Men. Sure I love the new updated version by Chris Clearmont, Cockrum and John Bryne..but the old ones always have a special place in my heart.

  2. bob

    Kirby’s work on X-Men predates the time when he was getting photocopies of the pencils back from Marvel. As for the original artwork, it’s pretty well established that the choice stuff was lifted from Marvel, so I doubt Kirby got much back among the 10-20% of his pages he did get back. A few early pages have come up on on-line auctions in the past few years, including some from #2.


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