Mister Miracle #15 [1973]


In “The Secret Gun”, Kirby took the last step on making MISTER MIRACLE more of a super-hero book following the cancellation of its companion books by introducing a kid side-kick for Scott this issue, Shilo Norman. Shilo, a witness to the gangland killing of his brother, is given to Scott to protect, but he escapes (as Scott knew he would) to take revenge on his own, and Scott and Barda follow.

Mister Miracle #15 [1973]

While this last year of MM lacks the cosmic punch of the earlier stuff, it’s still a lot of fun, and has some great visuals (Big Barda crushing a canister supposedly containing Scott in a giant nutcracker? Ouch). On the other hand, there were a few more pronounced weaknesses in the script, like the villain Mister Fez (who wears a fez…) with his “Super-cats, eh? I’m too hip to buy that kind of jive”.

Mike Royer inks the 20-page story and cover, and in the letter column Steve Sherman answers a few questions on the end of the other books.

Published 1973

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  1. dave

    From the presence of periods in those word balloons, I wonder if Kirby was being subjected to tighter editing at this point.


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