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Peter Sanderson’s “Comics in Context” column has a lengthy rundown of the San Diego Con panel on Jack Kirby from a few weeks ago. There’s a brief bit in the intro, then the actual article on the panel starts on page two. Some interesting stuff, a lot of stuff about credits and compensation for Kirby’s work. Mark Evanier mentions that the first draft of his Kirby bio is almost finished and he hopes to announce publishing plans next year. Plus there’s a comment suggesting not buying the upcoming MAXIMUM FANTASTIC FOUR reprint of FF #1 [Evanier later clarifies on his site that he meant not buying it just for Evanier’s commentary]. Some info on the Kirby Museum as well, and lots of fun anecdotes about the Kirbys to balance out the darker parts of how he got ripped off. Good reading, I can’t wait until the transcript appears in TJKC (presumably in #44). While you’re there, you can read Sanderson’s coverage of the 2003 panel (transcribed in TJKC #40)


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  1. dave

    Evanier briefly mentioned that this panel got a little more darker and emotional than he expected, but he’s yet to post about it. I can see he was right, but frankly, I think that’s a good thing. Let’s keep the way he was royally screwed, while Stan Lee collects millions for filling in the word balloons, front and center.


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