Marvel Double Feature #5 [1974] – The Red Skull Supreme


This issue features a reprint from TALES OF SUSPENSE #81 (1966) starring Captain America. As the story opens, the Red Skull has gotten the Cosmic Cube and all the power it gives, and is boasting of his plans to use it to conquer the world and then build an intergalactic empire.

Fortunately for the galaxy, his hatred of Cap doesn’t let him just use the cube to destroy Cap, but instead he creates a being powerful enough to beat Cap in battle, not counting on Cap’s usual determination and battle skills to overcome raw power. Finally the Skull’s pride defeats him, as Cap pretends to surrender and be the Skull’s servant, leaving an opening for Cap to wrest away the Cube.

Some excellent stuff in here, showing Cap at his battling best, the Red Skull at his most conniving but foolish and loads of cosmic energy. Frank Giacoia inks the 10-page story.

Published 1974

1 thought on “Marvel Double Feature #5 [1974] – The Red Skull Supreme

  1. Anonymous

    Always loved the Cosmic Cube, another great Kirby idea, and the Red Skull worked well in these stories. I also liked the fact that the Skull had no costume, just a suit and a scarf. Simple, yet effective (who needs a costume when you have a face like the Skull’s?)

    Nick Caputo


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