“The Death Wish Of Terrible Turpin” (k027)

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“The Death Wish Of Terrible Turpin” is a 23-page story by Jack Kirby from THE NEW GODS #8 [1972], inked and lettered by Mike Royer.

An excellent Fourth World story, as Kalibak runs wild in the streets, attacking the home of Dave Lincoln in his search for Orion. The police respond, led by Dan “Terrible” Turpin, who’s got no time for those “Super Weirdos” taking their war to his streets. I love Turpin in this issue, taking on Kalibak one-on-one.

Eventually Orion and Lightray arrive, having seen the battle on TV, and Orion takes on Kalibak, showing his true face and giving some allusions to their common ancestry (which had only been confirmed the previous issue).

The Lightray/Orion interaction is great in this issue, too, including the last scene in the issue:

“You saw my face!!”
“I saw scars — both old and new — taken in the cause of New Genesis!”
“You’re a good friend, Lightray.”

NEW GODS #4 [1984]

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  1. Patrick Ford

    Bob, Thanks for taking up the task of writing these daily reviews. I noticed you hadn’t updated the blog for awhile and I had not checked in for several months as a result. I would guess a lot of people haven’t noticed these posts. Maybe Rand hasn’t even noticed them? I don’t recall seeing them promoted.
    I’ll do what I can to make at least some more people aware of them.


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