Marvel Two-In-One #12 [1975] – Cover


The ever-dependable Frank Giacoia inks this very sharp cover for a Thing/Iron Man crossover that brings back one of the most obscure characters from the original FF series (I think Prestor John just appeared in one issue as more of a sidenote, don’t know if he was in any non-Kirby stuff in the interim).


Published 1975

6 thoughts on “Marvel Two-In-One #12 [1975] – Cover

  1. Axel M. Gruner

    A strange question, O Master…
    Is there something wrong with the blog logo? Part of my monitor looks weirs, and I have the items and pix of the entries on the far right side.
    Is my $§/%&%/& Computer nuts?
    Or did someone mess up the grafix?

    P.S. btw as always great work

  2. bob

    Which brower/OS are you using? It looks fine on the ones I checked with (Firefox, Opera and IE all on Windows). Netscape is a bit off because it doesn’t seem to recognize the blogger bar at the top so cuts off the logo, but that’s a small thing (and if I updated Netscape it would probably fix that).

  3. Axel M. Gruner

    Today the Blog has returned to the old nice sight. No problems here anymore, and I haven’t changed one bit on the browser. Has to be one of these weird 21st Century Artificial Unintelligence Things…


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