Strange Tales #125 [1964] – Cover


Chic Stone inks this cover (*), from soon after they finally realized that the Thing was the breakout star of the FF, not the Torch, and brought him in as the co-star for STRANGE TALES. Kind of a shame they realized that after the point where Kirby was drawing anything but covers, as it would have been very fun to see what he could have done with a series starring Ben. Good cover here, always good to see close-quarters combat in the Mighty Kirby Manner.


(*)possibly Sol Brodsky

Published 1964

3 thoughts on “Strange Tales #125 [1964] – Cover

  1. Anonymous

    I forgot to mention that I always enjoyed Stan’s witty copy. The fact that he didn’t take it that seriously was refreshing in that period and added to the charm of the comics.I also like Kirby’s Dr. Strange illo. Kirby could not draw Spider-Man accurately, just as Ditko could never draw the Thing, But I always liked Kirby’s version of Dr. Strange and Ditko’s take on the Human Torch.

    Nick Caputo

  2. bob

    I wasn’t sure about that inker credit after I posted. The Thing definitely doesn’t have that look that Stone gave him, but the Torch did seem more like Stone’s version from the same time. Hopefully the Kirby Museum’s upcoming “Catalogue Raisonné” of Kirby’s work will have someplace where those specific credits can be hashed out with examples of quirks each inker had.

    Kirby’s Doc Strange is pretty good on some of these covers. Shame Doc got so few covers back then.


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