Astonishing Tales #2 [1970] – Frenzy on the Fortieth Floor


Ka-Zar arrives in New York on his search for Zabu, held by Kraven. For some reason Kraven decided to keep the sabre-tooth tiger in his hotel room. Kraven attacks Ka-Zar in the lobby, where Ka-Zar uses his battle cry to inform Zabu that he’s there.


Zabu with the sheathed feet cracks me up. Zubu in general is always fun. We need a team-up of Zabu and Lockjaw. There’s some fun as Kraven and Ka-Zar battle above the city, but it ends kind of abruptly as Kraven is wounded and lives up to his name, and Ka-Zar encounters the Petrified Man and has to return to the Savage Land for a story Kirby wasn’t involved in.

Sam Grainger inks the 10-page story.

Published 1970

2 thoughts on “Astonishing Tales #2 [1970] – Frenzy on the Fortieth Floor

  1. bob

    Yeah, I was wondering about that panel and was going to ask if it looked strange to anyone else, but got distracted by thoughts of a Zabu/Lockjaw crossover.


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