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sklibThe latest in Titan’s series of hardcover reprints, THE SIMON & KIRBY LIBRARY: HORROR, is out now, comic stores should be getting it in tomorrow (DEC131287) and the various other usual sources should have it now or soon (ISBN 978-1848569591). This reprints Kirby’s work from BLACK MAGIC and STRANGE WORLD OF YOUR DREAMS, some great imaginative and sometimes disturbing work. Check out Harry Mendryk’s series of posts about BLACK MAGIC for more about the stories.

And don’t forget, still available are:

3 thoughts on “New Kirby – S&K Library Horror

  1. Mark Mayerson

    Hi Bob. Do you know if a westerns volume is in the works for this series? I’d love to see some Boys Ranch and Bullseye.

  2. Bob Post author

    I’m not sure what’s next. A western book would be nice, there’s a lot of room for improvement on the old BOYS’ RANCH book, plus with all the miscellaneous stuff the page count would be right in line with the other books. A romance book would seem inevitable, with enough material to fill six of these books, so we’ll have to see.

    Got the book in hand now, by the way. Very good reproduction overall, and certainly much better than the same stuff DC reprinted based on 1970s reprints last year in the KIRBY OMNIBUS. They included a bunch of stories that Kirby only did some work on the splash page, but don’t seem to identify those stories or the name of the primary artist anywhere that I can see. I think I’d have preferred skipping those and reproducing all the covers at full page size instead of going four-to-a-page for most of them. The SCIENCE FICTION volume I could excuse the non-Kirby stuff because of the quality of the art and source material, and since it didn’t come at the expense of any Kirby art that could have been included (though I’d have preferred full page covers there as well). Here I’m not so sure the non-Kirby material warranted inclusion.

  3. Scott

    The covers are some of the best things about the stories and four to a page? Shortsighted if you ask me.


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