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No, not any links to the FF movie. As many of you know, there’s a movie based on the Fantastic Four due to be released soon. It’s not known at this time exactly what, if any, credit Kirby will get on the film, but it will almost certainly be less than he deserves (never mind the financial compensation). Also be prepared for a slew of newspaper, magazine and web articles that mention the film but don’t mention Kirby. Given that, I think it would be a good idea, especially among anyone reading this who has a weblog or site, or post on related message boards, to make sure you always mention Jack Kirby as creator or co-creator of the FF whenever the movie comes up, and maybe link to a relevant web site. A few recommended ones:

Mark Evanier’s Kirby stuff:

The Jack Kirby Collector:

In particular #9 and #33

A few TJKC articles:

Google search for TJKC articles on FF

A few from this particular site, if I may


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