The New Gods #8 [1972]


An excellent Fourth World story, “The Death Wish of Terrible Turpin”, as Kalibak runs wild in the streets, attacking the home of Dave Lincoln in his search for Orion. The police respond, led by Dan “Terrible” Turpin, who’s got no time for those “Super Weirdos” taking their war to his streets. I love Turpin in this issue, taking on Kalibak one-on-one.

The New Gods #8 [1972]

Eventually Orion and Lightray arrive, having seen the battle on TV, and Orion takes on Kalibak, showing his true face and giving some allusions to their relationship.

The Lightray/Orion interaction is great in this issue, too.

“You saw my face!!”
“I saw scars — both old and new — taken in the cause of New Genesis!”
“You’re a good friend, Lightray.”

Don’t tell me Kirby can’t write.

A 3-page Young Gods story has Fastbak racing the Black Racer trying to rescue Esak from the Para-Demons. Esak has always fascinated me since he has a few odd bits like this in the original comics, and then Kirby brought him in a key role in THE HUNGER DOGS, so I’m sure he had a lot more planned for him if he’d been able to explore it originally.

Reprint backup is “The Stone of Vengeance”, a 9-page S&K Manhunter story from ADVENTURE #77 (1942). Great splash page, with that dark S&K signature inking. The story follows a reportedly cursed stone as it moves from owner to owner, with each new one killing the previous owners, with a great sequence showing that. When it gets to the States, it ends up with a shoeshine boy who is taken prisoner by the Rajah just as Paul Kirk pursues the Rajah’s men from another jewel theft. Of coure it all works out in the end as the bad guys are undone by their own greed.

Mike Royer inks the cover and lead story, Colletta inks the Young Gods story, but it looks pretty good anyway. This issue also has one of the full page ads for KIRBY UNLEASHED.

Published 1972

3 thoughts on “The New Gods #8 [1972]

  1. Johnny B

    When they ressurected Turpin for the Superman animated show, I always thought it was cool how they drew him to look like Kirby as a tribute.

    This was one of the best issues in that whole New Gods series…

  2. bob

    I haven’t seen that cartoon, but I remember Timm mentioned it in an interview with a total swipe of the “Turpin leaping into action with a machine gun” panel in this issue, only with the Kirby face.


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