Upcoming Kirby – Kamandi


Written by Jack Kirby
Art by Kirby & Mike Royer
Cover by Kirby
The first archive in a series collecting the adventures of Kamandi, the last boy on Earth, by Jack Kirby! In these tales from KAMANDI #1-10 (1972-1973), Kamandi — one of the few survivors of the Great Disaster — must make his way in a world populated by bizarre mutated animals and other strange wonders!
On sale Sept 14 – 244 pg, FC, $49.99 US

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Kirby – Kamandi

  1. Anonymous


    I love Kirby as much (ok… more) than the next guy, but even I’ll have to think about that.

    Any other details?

  2. Anonymous

    Of course, $50 is expensive, so I’ll try to get it more cheaply before I fork that money over. But, if I have to, I will.

    Allen Smith

  3. bob

    Remember that most on-line booksellers and lots of comic stores will sell it at a discount, so you’re probably looking at more like $35 – $40.

    I don’t make any secret of the fact that I really don’t like the Archives/Masterworks format, but if that’s what it takes to get the stories in print I’ll take it (I might pick up KAMANDI v1, but I can’t imagine paying that price for v4). At least a book like this increases the odds that DC will also release the stuff in their new “Showcase Presents” format or one of their digest formats.

  4. dave

    Any word on the set-up?

    I’m assuming color (and hopefully not computer-generated gradient color, but flat ol’ comic book color), but what size?

    Love this blog, btw!!!

  5. bob


    DC’s ARCHIVES series are full colour hardcovers, standard American comics size (7×10). The colouring is usually pretty decent on those I’ve read, newly done but without too many effects. Sometimes the quality of the linework is lacking (especially for older stuff where the only source is printed comics), but a while back I recall they were looking for some of the original art from collectors for some issues, so I’m expecting some really sharp reproduction for this one.


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