Rawhide Kid #136 [1976]


Two reprints from RAWHIDE KID #20 (1961) in this issue, both Kirby/Ayers artwork.

“Shoot-Out With Blackjack Borden” is an amusing 13-page story where Borden tricks the Kid by getting a phony marshal to offer him a fake pardon on the condition he give up his guns. The Kid briefly enjoys his freedom before Borden decides to make his reputation as the man who cowed the Rawhide Kid.

Rawhide Kid #136 [1976]

Of course it’s not long before the Kid figures out the hoax, storms back into town and takes care of Borden.

“The Defeat of the Rawhide Kid” is another one of the Shane variations, where the Kid, exhausted from a long chase, comes across a father and son. The son is full of hero worship and wants to ride off and live the outlaw life with the Kid, so the Kid pretends to go along with that, saying they’ll have to kill the father as a witness before they leave. The Kid throws the ensuing fight, teaching the Kid that it’s braver to live an honest life.

Two fun stories, with the usual great art from Kirby and Ayers, especially on the first story with its mix of shoot-outs and fist-fights.

Published 1976

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