Super Powers #3 [1984] – Amazons at War


More Kirby plots for others to finish, topped off by a Kirby/Thibodeaux cover. Not one of my favourites, honestly, as the faces seem a bit off.

Super Powers #3 [1984]

For the story, the last of the villains given a power boost, Brainiac, attacks the Amazons on Paradise Island, making them regress to a more primitive warlike state (oddly, one scene showing their more peaceful pursuits shows an Amazon caring for a baby, which makes me think someone was unclear on the concept). Brainiac then blows up a nuclear plant close to where Paradise Island would be in the real world to prompt them to attack, under the leadership of Wonder Woman who returned to the island and regressed with everyone else. A meeting of the Justice League (or those members who were part of the toyline) convenes and decides to put a stop to this, while Superman goes to contain the nuclear plant. Brainiac then decides to shift his powers from the Amazons to Superman, regressing him to a barbaric state and sending him to attack the others.

I don’t know about you, but at this point I’m getting impatient for Darkseid to show up.

Published 1984

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