Marvel Super Action #1 [1977] – This Monster Unmasked


MARVEL SUPER ACTION launched to carry the reprints of the CAPTAIN AMERICA series, beginning with this reprint of 1968’s #100. It’s an edited reprint, with one splash page in the middle missing and parts of the last two pages.

Following a recap of his classic return from hibernation in the pages of AVENGERS, we catch up with Cap and the Black Panther captured by Baron Zemo and agent, Irma Kruhl (in reality Agent 13, still otherwise unnamed) cleverly disguised with glasses and a beret, which seems to fool Cap easily enough). She manages to destroy the control panel to Zemo’s space ray, then flees with Cap and the Panther.

After a brief encounter with Zemo’s bodyguard Destruction (remember Kirby wasn’t really creating interesting new characters for Marvel at this point), Cap unmasks Zemo as an imposter, Zemo’s former pilot, who is killed by his own men, who are very picky about which Nazi they serve. They surrender at this point, and our heroes leave, with Cap offering the Panther a spot on the Avengers.

It’s kind of a weak story, but some nice action scenes and machinery.

Syd Shores, who had inked some of the 1940s Cap artwork, inks the story. I didn’t really like it too much in this issue, with a bit too much feathering, but it had its moments, and I like his stuff a few issues later more. Shores also inked the cover, although it was heavily modified prior to its original publication (especially a lot of the shading on the Cap figure and the details on his face), and that’s the version used here. The unaltered version can be seen in the ESSENTIAL CAPTAIN AMERICA reprint and it’s been shown in THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR.

Published 1977

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