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Looks like Joe Simon’s new autobiography is shipping to comic shops this week, and they went with the MY LIFE IN COMICS title and the cover with Captain America punching Hitler and a photo of Simon.  It should be available from other sources soon (odd, I got my copy of the Titan FIGHTING AMERICAN book long before it got to comic shops, but my copy of this from the same source hasn’t shipped yet).  Looks like there’s also an e-book version for the Kindle available on Amazon, for those into such things.

As mentioned, that FIGHTING AMERICAN book should be available just about everywhere you’d expect now.  Marvel has also had a bunch of recent reprints, lots of Captain America and Thor as you’d expect.  One book I didn’t mention before came out a few months ago with some Kirby, SHOWCASE PRESENTS THE WITCHING HOUR VOL. 1 reprints “The Face Behind The Mask” from WITCHING HOUR #18 [1971], originally from TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED #13 [1957].  A bit trivial, true, since a colour hardcover reprint of all of those 1950s short DC stories by Kirby is coming out soon enough.  As usual, all releases are listed here.

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  1. Ostrakos

    Steve Saffel gave a really great talk about his experiences working with Joe on the book and shared some video of Joe reminiscing this past weekend at HeroesCon. I’m looking forward to reading it soon.


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