-Link- Kirby in early Comics Journal


On THE COMICS JOURNAL website they’ve begun to put up complete scanned issues from the earliest days.  As I understand it eventually these archives will only be available to subscribers, but right now they’re open to all.  Some Kirby content in those earliest issues (when it was actually THE NOSTALGIA JOURNAL), most of which was reprinted in the 2002 COMICS JOURNAL LIBRARY v1 – JACK KIRBY special (which is still available and you can get a free copy with a JOURNAL subscription), but it’s interesting to see it all in the original context.

From #27, the first Fantagraphics issue, a 1971 Kirby radio interview.

From #30, a Kirby/Sinnott cover, and the first half of a 1969 interview with Kirby.

From #31, the conclusion of that interview, including the penciled version of the cover to #30.  And the cover to #31 is by Dave Cockrum, but it’s a topless drawing of Big Barda which might be of interest.

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