Fantastic Four #99 [1970] – The Torch Goes Wild


Another sentimental favourite story, as one of the earliest Kirby stories I read (in an edited version in MARVEL’S GREATEST COMICS). In a lot of ways I think this is really the last great FF story, as the next four that have Kirby art (including and especially the patch-job in #108) have various major flaws (but some good scenes).

I adore the opening splash page of this one, Ben practicing on skis in front of a mirror as Reed and Sue come in. I’ll even forgive the colouring mistake.

Fantastic Four #99 [1970]

We quickly find out that Johnny has left for the Inhumans’ Hidden City to try to persuade Crystal to return with him after Medusa had come to retrieve her several issues earlier. While the rest of the FF follow (with various complications, most of which were the pages edited out of the reprint I read first), Johnny reaches the Himalayas and begins to attack the Inhumans. Good old Kirby/Sinnott slam-bang hero-vs-hero action there, and the Inhumans are favourites of mine among the many creations from the FF. The rest of the team finally arrive and manage to cool down the Torch, and the Inhumans finally explain why Crystal had to return to help keep Black Bolt alive. No, there’s no real reason this couldn’t have been told to the Torch in the first place. Anyway, it’s a good old-fashioned action plot, with some nice character bits and a happy ending.

Published 1970

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