Upcoming Kirby – Joe Simon autobiography


Titan is publishing JOE SIMON: THE MAN BEHIND THE COMICS (or possibly JOE SIMON: MY LIFE IN COMICS), a 256-page hardcover autobiography by Joe Simon, later this year, which should be one of the biggest Kirby-related publications of the year.  The cover may look like one of these two:

Joe Simon: The Man Behind the Comics

In his own words, this is the life of Joe Simon, one of the most important figures in comics history and half of the famous creative team Simon and Kirby. Joe Simon co-created Captain America, star of this summer’s anticipated movie blockbuster, and was the first Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics (then known as Timely, where he hired Stan Lee for his first job in comics). He recounts the near-death of comics, the Congressional witch-hunts of the 1950s, and the scramble for creators to survive. In the process he reveals what it was like to bring comics out of their infancy, as they became an American art form.

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