New Kirby – S&K SUPERHEROES full release


Some people may have had it in advance, but this past week saw the official release of THE SIMON & KIRBY SUPERHEROES 480-page hardcover.  Got my copy on Wednesday, and it’s a gorgeous book as you’d expect from the precedent Titan set with THE BEST OF SIMON & KIRBY last year.

A lot of details on the contents of the book from Harry Mendryk over here.  Harry did the art restoration for the book, and if you compare this to things like the 1989 Marvel FIGHTING AMERICAN book or the 2004 Archie reprint of THE ADVENTURES OF THE FLY you’ll see the quality of his work.  Better than having the original comics, and at a fraction of the price.

Several sites on-line have been given sample stories from the book to share:

Captain 3-D in “The Man From The World Of D”
Stuntman in “Curtain Call For Death”
The Fly in “The Strange New World Of The Fly”
Stuntman in “Rest Camp For Criminals” and Private Strong in “Ultra-Sonic Spies”

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  1. Don Rhoden

    Upcoming Kirby July 2011: The Jack Kirby Omnibus Vol 1 from DC. Royer Green Arrow cover, looks like the book will include Jack’s 1950’s DC work. I wonder if and when the Manhunter feature will be reprinted.


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