New Kirby – NEWSBOY LEGION and others


A busy week for new Kirby, highlighted by the release of THE NEWSBOY LEGION BY SIMON & KIRBY Hardcover, the first few years of the classic golden age feature.  Joe Simon provides a new introduction, the majority of the stories never reprinted before (and most of the prior reprints were almost 40 years ago).  I’m looking forward to getting it.

Lots of stuff from Marvel as well.  The recoloured versions of the 49 “Tales of Asgard” stories get collected, the hardcover Marvel Masterworks get to the third volume of Tales To Astonish reprints, and the softcover versions break the order of the original releases in order to get the first Iron Man book out ahead of an upcoming movie.

Catching up on recent weeks, a new KIRBY COLLECTOR came out last week, and recently softcover Masterworks of Captain America v1 and the Fantastic Four v3 came out.

New releases are listed over here, as usual.  And I’m still working on it, but if you’re buying the books from Amazon check out this site’s Amazon Store for all your shopping needs.

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