Black Panther #7 [1978] – Drums


This issue of BLACK PANTHER brings to a close T’Challa’s adventures with Abner Little and his society of “Collectors”, putting him on the road back to Wakanda. Little was a pretty funny character, bringing a lot of charm to the first half of this series. It’s also nice how Kirby has T’Challa acting very much as a king in this story.

Black Panther #7 [1978]

This issue also gives some background of the history of Wakanda and the Vibranium Mound which forms the basis of the Panther Cult and the Wakandan royal family, also introducing some more of the family and setting up the next story.

Mike Royer inks the story while Ernie Chan (or is the proper name Ernie Chua? I never could remember) inks the cover.

Published January 1978

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